15 Jul 2015

Artisanal Gelato and Ice Cream in Turku

There are some nice gelato and ice cream shops in Turku, which serve self made or a bit different ice cream than you find in shops or traditional ice cream kiosks. Here are some to mention and worth visit in (there is a map of the locations at the end of this post):

Gelateria Nuvole at Thalia (Hansakortteli) makes real italian gelato on site. The flavors are delicious and my favorite is definitely pistachio. A bit savory and yet so sweet.

Nuvole's ice cream cone filled with pistachio and pannacotta gelato.

Near Nuvole there is a new ice cream shop Minetti, which has a large range of flavors and the ice cream is produced mainly in Italy. They make scoops in Minetti, so you probably should call it ice cream instead of gelato.

Minetti's flavors.

Coffee shop and ice cream bar Harmonia makes it's own ice cream in Braahenkatu 2. Brightly furnished and restful coffee shop serves the ice cream in pretty glass bowls and with a biscuit.

The restful Coffee shop Harmonia.

Lintukoto (Bird's Nest) in Aurakatu 4 is a design shop, which also serves scoops of ice cream made by a small ice cream facrory in Tampere, Tampereen jäätelötehdas. They have quite interesting flavors.

You can taste unique flavors also in the Viking Restaurant Harald, Aurakatu 3. The ice cream comes from the Peltola dairy farm in Yläne.

Hierochloe (maariantuoksuheinä) and green cardamom ice cream in Restaurant Harald. 
 Restaurant Sergio's (Läntinen Rantakatu 27) has a small gelato shop Piccola Cantina in the summer. You can buy this delicious self made and fresh gelato inside the shop or from the ice cream bike outside.

Piccola Cantina's ice cream bike.
 I could also mention Jäägurtti near the junction of Läntinen Rantakatu and Aurakatu. Jäägurtti serves delicious "artisanal frozen yogurt". You can make your own portion and decorate it with your favorite toppings.

Jäägurtti frozen yogurt beside the beautiful River Aura.

Ice cream shops on the map.

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