30 Mar 2014

The first one!

The first outdoor ice cream cone in spring tastes so delicious. At the end of may the sun was shining, flowers were plated on the Theatre Bridge and it was over zero degrees warm. So, time to celebrate!

Almond-toffee and fazerina...

Yellow is the color of spring.


16 Mar 2014

Flavour of The Day

March is Morelli's Gelato Month. Every day in march they create a new flavour, suggested by anyone via facebook or twitter. The flavours have sounded delicious so far. Today's flavour was carrot cake, my suggestion! Because I wasn't able to fly to any of Morelli's stores to taste it, I asked if I could have a photo of it. They kindly sent me one. So, here it is...and, so I hear, has been popular worlwide today :).

8 Mar 2014

Gelato Tasting in Scotland

Roadtrip to Stirling, Isle of Skye, Inverness, Perth and St Andrews offered a great oppportunity to taste Scottish artisan ice cream flavours.

There is an excellent selection of ice cream flavours in Zingersmans Sports Cafe at the University of Stirling Sports Centre. The three flavour sundae was plentiful and especially the fruity irn bru flavour was something I had never tasted before. Irn bru is said to be "Scotland's other national drink" and is at least as popular as Coca Cola.  

Sundaes at the University of Stirling Sports Centre.

Stewart Tower Dairy in Perthshire makes Italian Gelato style ice cream. There is an ice cream parlour on the farm. Unfortunately it was already closed when we arrived there. Luckily we found Stewart Tower Dairy ice cream in a cosy restaurant, The Riverside, in Dunblane. My sundae of chocolate, irn bru and royal shortbread flavours was delicious.

Stewart Tower Dairy ice cream in The Riverside, Dunblane.

We found a huge variety of ice cream flavours in Jannettas Gelateria, St Andrews. The weather was a bit chilly but, regardless of that, people were queueing up at the ice cream counter. Creamy Caramel, Scottish Tablet and Blueberry Pie flavours were tasty.

Jannettas Gelateria, St Andrews.

So, there are certainly ice cream traditions in Scotland. Another proof of that was this old ice cream tricycle from 1930s, which I found at The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum (besides the oldest football in the world!).

Ice cream tricycle (1930s), The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum.