6 Dec 2013

Traditional Vanilla Ice Cream

During an unhurried weekend I decided try the "traditional custard" method which Felicity Cloake describes in her article "How to make perfect ice cream". This method reminds me of a recipe which is described in Eliq Maranik's book Jäätelö: Viileitä herkkuja jokaiseen makuun (Ice Cream: Frozen Favorites for All Tastes).

2,25 dl whipping cream
3,75 dl whole milk
6 egg yolks (I used 7)
120 g caster sugar
1,5 vanilla pods

Split the vanilla pods and remove the seeds gently with a knife. Cook the whipping cream and milk along with the vanilla pods and seeds just below boiling point. Set aside.

Beat the egg yolks and the sugar until they form a white, creamy mixture. Pour the warm milk (through a colander) over the egg yolk/sugar mixture and stir. They form a bowlful of fluffy mixture!

Then return the mixture to the pot and cook gently, stirring, until the temperature reaches 82 degrees celsius.

At this phase it is adviced to cool the mixture rapidly preferably in an ice cool water bath. When I was preparing the waterbath I remembered that I live in Finland. The temperature outside was just below freezing point. So, I covered the bowl and placed it on my balcony. The mixture cooled down quite rapidly.

After this, I put the bowl in the fidge overnight for the flavours to develop. I learned from Felicity's article that it is also important for the fat droplets to crystallise.

Next morning I put the mixture in my freezer and whisked it at 1-2 hour intervals until it was frozen enough to be left alone.

In the evening I made a delicious sundae with vanilla ice cream scoops, hazelnut cake, cranberry jam and mini gingerbreads.    

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