29 Nov 2013

It's so fluffy!

Felicity Cloake writes in The Guardians' blog Word of Mouth under a header "How to make perfect ice cream". She is testing in her kitchen various ice cream recipes to find the perfect one: fresh, light but rich. Particularly "the mousse method" catched my attention. The rich and delicious ice cream is said to be made without further whisking during the freezing period. This sounds like an every day ice cream, so I definitely had to test it:

First you whisk (lightly) 2 egg yolks (I used 3, because the two egg yolks weren't enough to be whisked in a large bowl). Then you heat 125 ml water and 50 g sugar and pour it on the beaten egg yolks, constantly whisking. A miracle happens: this small amount of ingredients forms a bowlful of fluffy, light mousse!

Now, you beat softly the whipping cream (add one tea spoon of vanilla) and fold the two together. In this phase it is easy to believe that no further whisking is needed during the freezing.

After a couple of hours in a freezer, the ice cream is ready to be scooped. It is so fluffy and forms perfect scoops. It tastes creamy. It is not exactly ice cream, but a proper weekday delicacy.

During the coming weekend I have to test the traditional custard method, which Felicity writes about...

1. the fluffy mousse, 2. softly whipped cream, 3. folding the two together, 4. scooping the delicacy

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